ESG has targeted for acquisition treatment facilities in the Pacific Northwest that offer clients a single source for the collection, treatment, and disposal of their non-hazardous wastewater. The facilities process waste from their own customers, as well as from independent third-party haulers and from companies that generate wastewater and sludge. At the treatment facilities, solids are removed from the waste streams by applying water to the waste through screening material.  Water is used to further treat and remove suspended solids as well as other water-borne contaminates to meet local municipal and other applicable sewer discharge standards. The resultant non-hazardous solids are loaded, trucked and disposed of.


Physical & Chemical

  • Centrifuge

  • Dissolved air flotation

  • Oil-water separator

  • Filtration

Able to Remove:

  • TSS & TDS

  • BOD & COD

  • Oils & Metals

  • Organic Compounds

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